„Thank you for the great service. Everything was delivered on time and set up wonderfully. Great chairs and great furniture. Thank you for the perfect planning. I hope to do business again!”

„I am suffering from osteoporosis and saw the saddle chair at my doctor's office.

When I tried the saddle chair in my doctor's office, I found that I hadn't been able to sit so comfortably and pain-free for a long time!

Great! Thank you! And so many colours to choose from.”

„I very often suffer from back pain in my desk chair. At my job, I sit a lot, but I still need to stay flexible. Thanks to the saddle seat. I have found something that offers true relief. 

Keep going! Thank you!”

„The Balance is the perfect sitting tool for me! I can move very comfortably between the individual work stations with it at my development workplace. 

Thanks to the ADS system, I can feel my back muscles being strengthened.”

„Our dream has finally come true – thank you for providing these very beautiful practice rooms for us.

I think you are offering the best of reception desks!”

„Thank you for the great practice planning and timely implementation.”

„Competent consulting, schedule compliance and fixed prices – this is how relaxed the start of your own practice can be.

Thank you, Medixess Team”

„It is very difficult to find a suitable successor. 

Thanks to you, everything has come out well after all – and I have started my well-deserved retirement”

„Thanks for the perfekt support during the sale of the pratice.”


  • Physio therapy rehAKTIV, Bohlingen
  • Labor Dr. med. dent. Basset, Radolfzell
  • Physiotherapists Benner & Schlecht, Hamburg
  • Physio therapy Olbrich, Göttingen
  • Physio therapy Sacha, Starzach
  • Ergo therapy Hausmann, Berlin
  • Internist Dr. Donica, Heilbronn
  • Designlust, Steinebach
  • Physio therapy Benner & Schlecht, Hamburg
  • Physio therapy at the station, Torgau
  • Physio Peuser, Bad Camberg
  • Pfegedienst Ferencak