„Thank you for the great service. Everything was delivered on time and set up wonderfully. Great chairs and great furniture. Thank you for the perfect planning. I hope to do business again!”

„I am suffering from osteoporosis and saw the saddle chair at my doctor's office.

When I tried the saddle chair in my doctor's office, I found that I hadn't been able to sit so comfortably and pain-free for a long time!

Great! Thank you! And so many colours to choose from.”

„I very often suffer from back pain in my desk chair. At my job, I sit a lot, but I still need to stay flexible. Thanks to the saddle seat. I have found something that offers true relief. 

Keep going! Thank you!”

„The Balance is the perfect sitting tool for me! I can move very comfortably between the individual work stations with it at my development workplace. 

Thanks to the ADS system, I can feel my back muscles being strengthened.”

„Our dream has finally come true – thank you for providing these very beautiful practice rooms for us.

I think you are offering the best of reception desks!”

„Thank you for the great practice planning and timely implementation.”

„Competent consulting, schedule compliance and fixed prices – this is how relaxed the start of your own practice can be.

Thank you, Medixess Team”

„It is very difficult to find a suitable successor. 

Thanks to you, everything has come out well after all – and I have started my well-deserved retirement”

„Thanks for the perfekt support during the sale of the pratice.”

We have developed and perfected the saddle seat and active-dynamic sitting mechanisms as perfect working devices in medical practices.

Smooth and very silent double casters for any surface and a design chair cross that is particularly small to keep from bumping into furniture while moving around the patient on the chair. Our gas springs are available in nearly any height to give you the perfect working position. Our saddle seat is particularly special with its specifically developed cut. No area of the sitting surface is compressed or loses comfort. The seat moves along slightly in the direction of your movement as if embedded in gel foam, to offer highest sitting comfort with an actively dynamic sitting posture. Do not miss out on this!

Particularly dentists and their assistants very often suffer from back pain. About 70% of all dentists regularly suffer from back pain.


Studies showed that about 50% of the 18 to 55 year-olds suffer from back pain, 25% of them even from severe back pain.